Followers of anime tv collection will certainly like the Naruto video game that has actually just recently been launched for the Nintendo GameCube and also various other video clip game systems. These cheats are for the Naruto video game Naruto: Clash of Ninja and also we wish they assist you to fight your method via this intriguing action in the Naruto field.

Gamers of this video game are most likely to desire the Naruto codes to open 3 various other gamers along with various other covert things in the Hidden Lead Town. Below are the Naruto codes to open these personalities and also provide you extra choices for video game play.

Rock Lee – in order to open this personality you need to finish the table setting and also after that quit. Naruto after that has an opportunity to go up versus Rock Lee.

Kyuubi Naruto – additionally referred to as the 9 Tails Naruto, you should open Rock Lee and afterward play via the whole The Sims Mobile Cheats two times as each opened personality in solitary gamer setting. The video game will certainly after that inform you that you could push the Z or X control switch to cause this variation of Naruto.

Sharingan Kakashi – this is the duplicate ninja of the video game and also you will certainly have to finish the solitary gamer video game with Kyuubi Naruto then as Kakashi to open this variation. The video game will certainly after that inform you that you could push the Z of X control switch to set off the Sharingan Kakashi variation.

Various Other Products To Open

Ninja accounts – these could be opened by playing with the solitary gamer video game with each personality. You will c after which have the ability to check out each of the personalities ninja accounts in the Extras food selection of the video game.

Rip off Codes For the Video Game Naruto

No Mask Haku – complete the video game on trouble degree 3 with Zabuza and afterward push the Z or X switch to pick Haku. Haku could after that begins the video game without the mask he constantly uses – and also sheds via the video game.