It is an age old tradition to wish someone all the prosperity, love and good health in the beginning of every year. There are special celebrations welcoming the first day of the year. It seems as though, as one year end and another starts, we humans want to leave all the bad and negativity and look forward to another set of experiences. New Year comes with new resolutions, hope and it encourages us to reflect the things we have done in the previous year. The first day is celebrated with massive pomp and show. There are functions all over the world, people kiss after the countdown on the last day of the year. We celebrate it with sweets, champagne and by burning fire crackers with the near and dear ones in our family.

Happy New Year messages are an integral part of New Year. As soon as the clock strikes 12, our phones are flooded with messages from our friends and relatives and most importantly the one person whom you would like to spend the rest the rest of the year with. These messages are the best option to make others feel about your emotions. Those who do not love to create own messages can go for the messages available on the platform and share the same with the help of modern ways of communication.

Here are some exclusive messages that you can send this New Year:

Optimism and faith is the key to achievement. One cannot do anything without hope, support and confidence. This New Year, hope you are rejuvenated with positivity and you are able to attain your goals in life.

“The best teacher is one who can inspire one, make one imagine and make one fall in love to learning”. There is no better teacher than life and may this year be filled with experiences which will make you a better person. Happy 2018.

Love is the most beautiful feeling which is the biggest strength in your life. Love from your friends, family and partner keeps you going. Hope this year for you be filled with love, happiness and prosperity. Warm hugs and Kisses.

This day is like any other day when I am lucky enough to be your daughter/son. Thank you for believing in me when no one did and for being a friend, philosopher and guide since I saw the light of this world. Here is to the best parents ever and Happy New Year, Ma and Baba.

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Distance cannot separate a soul sister like you are. On this day, I can’t help but think of all the times when you took my call in the middle of the night because I needed to vent out, all those times when the simple three letter word made my day. Thank you for all the love and support. You know I have got your back too. Happy 2018.

It is said that “love is blind and you fall in love”. But with you I have rose in love and everyday you teach me that one can see better with their heart. Happy New Year, love.