Google team has a special Christmas gift for local businesses. The Small Thanks program is to give the small organizations more customers. According to Google’s vice president of marketing, Lisa Gevelber, the reviews that customers leave are like local love to the businesses. And these feedback is the one that makes new clients decide whether to buy the business’ products or services. Research showed that seventy-one percent of consumers look at the reviews and use that to make their decision. Lisa says that the cause is noble and it will help the businesses attract new clients and maintain the ones who are there. Bayrock

The beneficiaries

However, this gift should be won by the local businesses, not all will qualify, and through the Google Business webpage, they can claim their business. The rest left for the search engine of Google’s machine learning technology that will select four and five-star reviews. The businesses are encouraged to be creative to ensure that all their customers leave reviews. Something that will attract the client’s attention, like using the free marketing materials that they are receiving from Google, signing in the windows or displaying in a receipt booklet.

The businesses create social media images, posters, stickers, table tents and window clings from the reviews the clients leave behind. This is how the Small Thanks initiative will work and from that other potential customers can get attracted. The program is a marketing material that will help promote them. Google team could not be more proud to be part of this promotion. Tevfik Arif

Google decision

Google is a leading company when it comes to technology, and that is why it is the best when it comes to digital marketing. The businesses that will qualify for the free service will see the significant impact the initiative has on their jobs. Through this amazing initiative, businesses will be able to build customer loyalty. What other people say about your products and services is very important as others depend on that. Positive feedbacks develop strong relationships with the growth in trust. Positive reviews attract new customers and also keep the regular ones. This means there will be a boost in the revenue and that is the target of every business.

Google is encouraging customers to give reviews to their favorite businesses and remind them to write #SmallThanks so that they can stand out. Looking at it from Google’s clients’ perspective, it is doing a good thing for the small businesses. It shows how they are not only focused on making profits but also helping other businesses grow. Sometimes it is the little things that show how big-hearted an organization is and in the bigger picture Google is a very considerate company that does not concentrate on their competitors only.

Google’s Christmas Gift to Its Customers

The initiative

Google under its parent company Alphabet launched the program in few cities Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Dallas, and Oakland, to see how it will go and with hard work, it has been able to expand the program to everyplace in the nation. The program is proof of their commitment to growing together with the rest of the businesses. Through this Google is showing that the best way to rise is to help the ones around grow too.

It is a creative way Google that chose to appreciate the small businesses that use their services. The multi-billion company has realized that working with other businesses increases the confidence of consumers in them. Google has created a way for them to even get positive digital reviews from these companies. This initiative announced during the Thanksgiving week is a fantastic way to show that the organization is saying, thank you to its loyal customers.