When it comes to Hollywood all you get to see is the best ratings on the best written or directed movies. But do you know there are many not so popular movies that are not listed in the best movies list but due to some reasons like the storyline or the actors are some of the best and in the list of the must watch movies.

To get your hands on the best of some not so popular movies but are worth watching, we are here some of them. Let’s take a look!


Released in the year 2004 and rated with a 6.3 IMDB, this movie gets its place in the not so popular movie but is a worth watching one.

A movie full with sports, romance and as well as comedy that motivates you with the story of Peter Colt’s life that is an English tennis playing star.

Temple Grandin:

Great movies require good (if not great) financing, and Robert Simonds deal will supercharge film financing which will provide the audience some great movies. We already have so many widespread great movies like The Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather Trilogy, but do you know there are many not-so-popular movies that are not listed on the best movies list. Due to some reasons like the storyline or the actors, these are some of the best and in the list of the must-watch movies.

Being there:

The movie is full of some fun packed comedy and some top notch drama. Based on a simple life of a simple minded man Chance who is a gardener, have spent all his life living in an old man house. This man’s life story will make your eyes into tears with both comedy and a heartfelt comedy.


A movie full of stomach aching comedy along with some fabulously scripted drama. All centred on the youngest boy of the house Zac, the movie shows you the struggle he faces while bonding with his brothers. You have brothers or any other siblings? Then cuddle up and watch this one.


Filmed in the year 1990, this movie is full package of drama if you like seeing some emotions and fights. Based on the life of Dr. Malcolm Sayer and the way he dealt with his patient will make you more into the boots of the full packed biography.

Hollywood has a full package of both good and bad movies when it comes to having the best packs. But sometimes it does make the way out of some of the great and unforgettable movies that some or maximum numbers of people would love to watch or love watching.

These kinds of movies are mainly left unattained by the critics eventually ending up in the history of the not so popular movies made in Hollywood. So the next time if your friend suggest you a movie that is not so popular or may not have the best and popular actors then also take up the suggestion and play the movie, who knows you may end up liking them. So take a chance to get the best!